The original nucleus of the farm, which was named “Fattoria Ricceri” after its owners, dates back to the second half of the XVIII century. At that time, the farm included an important kiln which produced brick tiles, basins, vases and olive oil jars. The farm was purchased in 1899 by our ancestor, Bandino Bandini, who launched a flourishing agricultural business focusing on the production of olive oil and wine, which he sold to the restaurateurs of Siena. In order to underline the farm’s newfound prosperity, the name was changed to “POMONA”.


Thanks to the success of its kiln, the farm was able to considerably expand the number of farm buildings which soon included a large winery and an oil mill which was used for pressing the olives grown at Pomona, as well as on the other neighboring farms.
When sharecropping came to an end, the farm entered a long period of decline and abandonment until Bandino’s grandson, Enzo Raspi, began a lengthy process of recovery which is carried on to this day by his wife and children.

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